Please Don't Ask Us To...

Remove our shoes or wear shoe covers. We are required by federal law to wear slip-resistant footwear at all times.

Carry our cleaning equipment up more than 3 flights of steps.

Move or lift items weighing more than 35 lbs unassisted. We are happy to clean behind furniture that is easily accessible. Please ensure that these items have felt floor protectors applied to all leg corners - we are not responsible for floor scratches resulting from furniture that lacks protective covers.

Pick up excessive amounts of clutter. Please ensure that items are up and off the floor to allow for thorough vacuuming and mopping. Surfaces such as countertops, coffee tables, dressers, bath vanities, etc. should also be free of clutter so that surfaces may be properly cleaned.

Hand wash dishes: We're happy to clear the sink of dirty dishes by loading them into the dishwasher but don't wish to chance breaking a favorite wine glass.

Empty the dishwasher: we assume that all items are dirty and add any items from the sink to free it up for cleaning. Kindly empty dishes from the dishwasher prior to your scheduled appointment.

Wash exterior windows (only if they flip open and can easily be opened. *Subject to additional charge) or clean anything outside the home.

Scrub or clean walls. We don't wish to damage the paint finish and recommend repainting them instead.

Work in an un-airconditioned/un-heated home. OSHA recommends a temperature setting of 65F-72F.

Clean a hoarding situation or work around high level of trash and debris.

Pull items out from under your bed. We'll be happy to vacuum and mop there providing that all items are removed for us to do so.

Clean interior closets. We’ll be happy to vacuum and mop there providing that doors are left open and all items are removed from the floor.

Clean vinyl mini blinds. They are inexpensive and very easily broken - even with the lightest of cleaning hands.

Clean the underside of a stove mount microwave. Grease needs to be removed as it accumulates and charcoal need to be routinely replaced.

Climb onto a ladder. We carry a 2 step stool and cleaning extension poles to reach high areas such as fans and a two-step ladder.

Clean up human or animal biohazards, including litter boxes, urine, feces, mucus, vomit and blood.

Work around infestations. We care for our employees and cleaning equipment and will exit a cleaning appointment if your home is pest ridden. You will be billed a $70 cancellation fee if pests are discovered during your appointment.

Clean the Shower Curtain Liner: we'll be happy to remove it for laundering - it can be tossed right into a washing machine with some towels. We'll gladly hang any newly purchased liners for you.

Clean the Interior of the Dishwasher or Washing Machine: please add 1 cup of bleach to the Dishwasher or Washing Machine, select a HOT water setting and run through a complete cycle to sanitize.

Change Bunk Bed Sheets: we are not permitted to climb higher than a 2 step ladder.