Terms Of Service


By hiring Backlender, you are in agreement with all policies listed below.




We are Backlender, LLC. (“Backlender”), and we’re thrilled you’ve decided to use our services, including, but not limited to, our technologies or functions offered on our website and all related sites, applications, customer service team, cleaners, and third-party vendors, all of which we refer to simply as the “Services.”

These Terms of Service (which we call the “Terms”) are just so you’ll know the rules that govern our relationship with you. Although we’ve done our best to strip the legalese from the Terms, there are places where these Terms may still read like a traditional contract. There’s a good reason for that: these Terms form a legally binding contract between you and Backlender, so please read them carefully.


1. GUARANTEE:  Amazing cleaning and superior customer service are 100% guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied with the completed cleaning, please call or email us within 24 hours of service and we'll return to address whatever we may have missed.   We DO NOT offer refunds or discounts - we reclean.


2. EMPLOYEE NON-SOLICITATION AGREEMENT:   Backlender clients may not solicit our employees or former employees to be contracted or employed by you or your affiliates for services of any kind. If you would like to hire/contract one of our workers to work independently for you or your affiliates, you may submit your request by informing our office in writing. If Backlender approves your request, you will be required to pay a $4,000 referral fee before our employee is released to work independently for you.


a)  Please be advised that should there be a breech of this agreement this will result in litigation being initiated to recover damages suffered by Backlender and the client will be responsible for all legal costs and expenses, including Backlender attorney fees.


b)  I have read the foregoing and acknowledge and agree that I will not solicit Backlender employees or former employees to work for myself or any of my affiliates apart from working for Backlender.


3.  BONDED & INSURED:  Backlender is an independent, locally owned cleaning company.  We carry full liability, workman’s compensation insurance, and all payroll taxes are paid through the local Backlender office as staff of the company.  Our employees are fully bonded and insured. Our coverage will compensate a homeowner for theft if the individual responsible is convicted. We know that the police frequently do not follow up on this sort of report so we strongly urge, as a precaution, that you keep valuables out of sight and in a safe location.  


4. COMMUNICATION: Great communication is central to a happy cleaning outcome.  We try our best to clearly communicate the scope of service and to manage expectations. We want your experience to be delightful.  If we are missing the mark, please call or email us to discuss. You’ll find that we’re responsive and receptive to all feedback.


5. THE SAME TEAM:  In the perfect world we’d assign the exact, same employees to your home for each appointment.  The reality is that this doesn’t always happen. Our employees take time off for illness or vacations and our clients will often cancel for the same reasons.  We focus on training with the goal of delivering consistent service and our quality is guaranteed.


6. OFFICE HOURS: Our office is open Monday - Friday 8:30AM to 5:30PM Saturday - Sunday 9:00AM to 3:00PM. Voicemail and email are reviewed during normal business hours only.  

7. EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES: We provide all of the equipment and supplies to clean your home.  We use fresh, clean microfiber towels and mop pads for each appointment - they are used for your appointment only and not reused throughout the day.  Our products and cleaning techniques are gentle and incapable of scratching surfaces.


8. QUALITY CONTROL: Our teams are quality inspected by management on a regular basis. They may enter your home after the team leaves. These inspections insure the highest quality standards.


9. ARRIVAL TIME: If you absolutely, positively need a precise arrival time then we’re probably not the best match for you.  Due to the chaotic nature of our workday, i.e. lockouts, late cancellations, aggressive pets, road closures and traffic, we can only provide an estimated time window for arrival.  Teams clean from 8:30AM to 5:30PM and occasionally may need to stay past 5:30PM to finish an appointment.


10.  RECURRING APPOINTMENT ARRIVAL TIMES:  Due to the chaotic nature of our day, we make no guarantee regarding arrival time – we may be stuck in traffic, the appointment before yours make take longer than expected, we may be locked out of a home before yours which will slide your appointment arrival up.    


a)  The schedule is finalized a day in advance and appointments are grouped by location. Arrival time may vary anywhere from 8:20AM and 4:20PM and may differ with each visit date.  If you absolutely, positively need to know what time slot your home has been assigned to, please call us at 862.899.0722 the day before your cleaning and we’ll be happy to share this info. We’ll also send a “we’re on our way” text if you like.


11. ENTERING YOUR HOME: Your home must be easily accessible to our team. We will wait for up to 15 minutes before charging a lock out fee equal to the cost of that day’s appointment.  To ensure easy access, please choose one of these options:


a)     Keys: you’re welcome to pass us a key and/or electronic door fob for coding (no personal info) which we’ll lock in our key safe and dispense only on your cleaning day.  In the unlikely event that a key is misplaced, we’ll notify you immediately and pay for replacement and a lock change if required.


b)     The Concierge Desk:  with Permission to Enter and a Key, your concierge team will be able to sign us in.


c)     Realtor’s Lock Box:  please let us know their exact location and a combo number.  We’ll return the key there and tumble the lock when doing so.


d)     Lobby Lockers:  place your key into a locker, set a combo and then email us with both numbers.


e)     Meeting Us: You’re welcome to meet the team, after the cleaning we’ll lock the door behind us upon exiting and leave the key where you instructed us to.


12.  EXITING / YOUR HOME:  we make every reasonable effort to secure your door lock.   We cannot accept responsibility for securing doors and locks that are not fully functional.  Please contact us for referral to a locksmith or handyman, if necessary.


13.  CLUTTER: We ask that you provide us with a clutter free environment. If that is not the case, we may not be able to clean your home in the allotted time and extra charges may be applied.  


14. SAFETY: Insurance and safety issues prohibit our teams from moving heavy objects or standing on furniture. Our team is barred from handling any biohazard, including pet or human fluids, rodent feces, mold, etc. We may use a 2 step ladder and extension poles to reach items in your home and cannot climb onto anything higher.  


15. SECURITY ALARMS: If your home has a security alarm, please ensure that it is turned off on the day of your scheduled clean. You may also provide us with the code and steps necessary to turn off your alarm. We will reset the alarm when we leave.  We cannot be held responsible for alarms set off by mistake.


16. PETS: We love animals but even the friendliest dog can become nervous when the vacuum gets going. Our safety, and your pets’ comfort are important. We ask that your pet is restrained and/or that you are home to supervise until pets and team members are accustomed to one another. We cannot be held responsible for unsecured pets when entering, exiting or actively working in an appointment.  If our team members feel threatened by your pet’s behavior, we will exit your home and you will be charged for the full amount of the appointment. For sanitary and safety reasons our team is not permitted to clean flea infested homes or pick up animal excrement.


17. EMERGENCY WEATHER CLOSINGS:  There may be times when weather makes it unsafe for us to transport passengers and equipment to your home. We generally follow North Jersey School systems for weather related closures and will reschedule your cleaning appointment as soon as we possibly can.  We appreciate your understanding in these circumstances.


18.  BILLING:  We charge $35/hr/person for our services.  If your home requires additional time beyond the typical time allotted, an additional fee of $35/hr/person will be assessed.   We bill in 15 increments, rounding up, as necessary (example: is we are there for 1 hr and 52 minutes, you ‘ll be charged for 2 hours).  We reserve the right to raise prices at any time and will be notify you in advance.


19.  PAYMENT: Backlender only accepts payment via credit card. We gladly accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard and Discover. The client has authorized Backlender to bill all services performed the day of the cleaning appointment on the credit card that has been provided by the client. The client understands that all credit card payments are processed day of their scheduled cleaning appointment.


a)   LATE FEE:  Should Backlender not be able to process a client’s credit card payment on the day of the cleaning, the client’s account will be subject to a $25.00 late payment fee.


b)   TIPS: Tips are not required but are certainly appreciated by our cleaners. If you would like to leave a tip via credit card please notify us before hand.


c)    SALES TAX:  We are required to collect and submit NJ Sales Tax and the rate may be revised annually.  


20. APPOINTMENT CANCELLING AND RESCHEDULING:  You are welcome to cancel or reschedule appointments without charge when providing at least 48 business hours’ of notice via email or by phone.  Your appointment change will be confirmed via return reply. Please know that your time slot is reserved for you and you alone. If you cancel on short notice, we still compensate our staff.  To clarify:


a)     Monday Appointments:  need to be cancelled by 5pm on the preceding Saturday.


b)     Tuesday Appointments:  need to be cancelled by 5pm on the preceding Sunday.


•   LATE CANCEL / RESCHEDULE FEE:  If you cancel or reschedule with less than 48 business hours notice, you will be charged a $70 fee.  


•   CANCEL / RESCHEDULE ON THE DAY OF SERVICE: you will be charged the full price of the appointment as we still compensate the staff. If the team is unable to enter your home within 15 minutes of arrival (due to lack of keys, a pet not being restrained, turning away at the door, etc.), you will be charged the full amount of the cleaning visit.        


21. SUSPENSION OF SERVICE / LIABILITY OF FEES: If any of the above fees have not been paid your service will be suspended until all fees have been paid in full. If service is suspended and you have not paid in full within 30 days we will consider you to have terminated service.  In addition to any amounts owed to BACKLENDER, you agree to be responsible for all reasonable collection and attorney’s fees we incur to bring your account current.


22. SERVICE CANCELLATION: It is agreed that this is an at will relationship and that no contract term is implied and service may be cancelled at any time. To avoid a late cancellation charge of $70 at least 48 business hours notice is required via email. We reserve the right to cancel your appointment for any reason except on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sexual orientation and at anytime.  Examples of this have included infestations and rude or disrespectful behavior to our team members. You will be assessed the full price of your cleaning appointment should we cancel your service on the day of your appointment.   


23.  HOURS OF OPERATION & HOLIDAYS:  Backlender operates M-F from 8:30am - 5:30pm and Saturday - Sunday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.  We are closed on weekends for residential cleaning. We are closed on the following holidays - if you have an appointment scheduled for these days, it will be rescheduled in advance:


24.  DAMAGE:  Our team is trained to clean with care but accidents may happen.     


a)   REPORTING: Our staff is instructed to report incidents immediately to our office and we will contact you. Should you uncover damage, we must be contacted within 24 hours of your appointment. We cannot be responsible for damage reported beyond this time frame.


b) SENTIMENTAL / HIGH VALUE / HEIRLOOM ITEMS: Are best cleaned by our clients.  You are responsible for letting us know if there are such items in your home so that we can instruct our staff not to touch them. We cannot take responsibility for cleaning or damage to these items if they have not been pointed out to us.


c) LIABILITY:  Backlender's liability is limited to a refund of the amount paid for the service rendered on the date the damage occurred. Backlender -- at its sole discretion and without admitting liability -- may offer to replace or repair the property in lieu of a refund. Backlender will choose the method, manner and service provider for repair or replacement.  Above that you will need to file a claim with your homeowners insurance for damages caused in the routine nature of cleaning. Damage due to negligence will referred to our insurance provider.


d)  NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR:  We assume no responsibility for damage to items that are loosened, inadequately secured or mounted, negligently placed, excessively worn or in poor repair.


e)  PHOTOS OF YOUR HOME:  Backlender has the right to take photos in your home to communicate damage.  Photos will be limited to the item/issue involved and are for the sole purpose of communication to management and to you.  


25.  SUSPECTED THEFT:  We conduct background checks and screen our staff prior to hiring. We closely monitor their attitude, behavior and performance.  We want to assure you that we will cooperate fully if you suspect that property is missing from your home. In this event:


a)  CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY:  We’ll talk to the staff.  They may have noticed the item in an unusual place, mistakenly moved it or relocated it for safekeeping as they worked.


b)  SEARCH YOUR HOME CAREFULLY:  Most of us misplace things from time to time, so please give a second look around.


c) File a Police Report:  If you conclude that an item has been removed, contact your local police department; file a report and request an investigation.


25.  Touch up Session:  Touch-up (short) sessions are limited to one hour and generally include the following tasks:

a)  If any of the above are not completed or not completed to your satisfaction, further tailoring of your Value Plan to increase session time may be considered.


b)  Short sessions do NOT include the following:


26.  WINDOW CLEANING:  We understand that window cleaning can be a very important part of having a thorough cleaning. Window cleaning is not a typical daily cleaning task and is considered an add-on service. Windows can often become jammed and very hard to open. Hard to open windows can be very dangerous for our cleaning consultants.

To assist in our employee’s safety we ask that you examine your windows prior to a window cleaning to ensure that your windows can be easily opened. As old and jammed windows can easily come off track or be damaged when performing inside and out window cleanings, Backlender does not take responsibility for windows damaged during window cleaning services.


27.  LAUNDRY:  While we’re happy to help our clients with laundry, we’re only capable to spend time on laundry commensurate with the time spent on your apartment cleaning. A maximum of one (1) load will be washed, dried, and folded for clothes or one (1) load of bed sheets and linens will be washed and dressed on bed during any regular cleaning.

Please be aware that due to the delicate nature of this service, Backlender does not assume responsibility for any laundry damages. As a precaution, we advise that you presort your laundry and that you do not include delicate or dry clean only items in your laundry bags. By providing only sheets and towels for this service this drastically reduces the possibility for laundry damages.

Additionally, the client understands that laundry services will add an additional charge. We require that you provide all laundry detergent. Please leave presorted laundry and all laundry supplies in a clearly visible area.


28.  FLAT RATE PRICING FOR MONTHLY, BIWEEKLY AND WEEKLY VISITS: If rescheduling, your flat rate price will be honored for only 7 additional days before bumping up into the next price tier, i.e. a weekly client may skip 1 week and pricing will be honored.  If skipping 2 weeks you’ll be assessed the biweekly rate. Clutter should be cleared from all floors and surfaces to guarantee this flat rate. If you've had a party or haven’t had the time to pick up clothes, clear clutter from all surfaces and load your dishwasher, we are up for the challenge but you can expect to be billed for the additional time taken to complete this increased scope.   Your Flat Rate Price: will be honored as long as clutter is cleared prior to our arrival. If you do not have time to clear surfaces, pick up laundry and load your dishwasher, we’ll be happy to do so at an additional rate of $35/hr/team member.